How to Gift Wrap a Book: A Comprehensive Guide

There is nothing better on Christmas morning than waking up to a pile of wrapped gifts under the tree. However, while wrapped gifts are great for the recipient, they can be a pain for the wrapper! With some practice and the right supplies, you will be gift wrapping books like a pro in no time!

This guide covers everything from how to wrap the book to what kind of gift tags are best for different occasions. We also discuss how to create ribbon bows and other fun ways that your gifts can stand out on their own.

If you’ve ever been unsure about gift wrapping a book before, this article should provide all the information that you need!

Now let’s get to the process. First things first, if you want your gift wrap job to look professionally done then it is important not to skip any steps! The following are just a few of the necessary guidelines that should always be followed when wrapping books as gifts:

Wrapping Paper.

To wrap a book, first, roll out enough paper to cover the whole thing. Lay some wrapping paper flat so that its underside is exposed and then cut across it with sharp scissors into thin strips of equal length.

Start one corner and make quick cuts diagonally all over until you’ve reached the other side, cutting as close to each other as possible without overlapping them or leaving any gaps!

Centre the book on the piece of wrapping paper and use both hands to fold in one side so that it fits one side of your book.

Create a triangle by folding the paper so that it sits on top of your book and is folded in half down its length. Take one side, fold it over to meet with the other end at the middle before turning back up again and tucking under both ends. This creates a triangular shape for you to fill out as though they were pieces of an actual puzzle.

Pull the triangle in and then tuck it back under both ends, making sure to push all of the paper down so that it’s tucked underneath. Continue doing this until you reach either side of your book, whichever is closer to where you are standing at any given moment – be careful not to crease too much! There should never be any corners of the paper that are not tucked under.

Next, lay down your book, open up straight and flat on a hard surface, such as the floor or tabletop. Start by folding one side over to meet with the other end, then keep repeating this process for each

Gently pull to ensure that the paper is snug against the front and back cover, then tape this down with a single strip.

-Keep the edges of the paper straight. This will provide a clean and professional look to your gift wrap, to ensure you have the neatest package possible and help reduce the chance of a crease in the paper. There is nothing worse than not having a good straight line on your wrapping!

-When wrapping the book, it is best if you begin on oe of the long edges instead of starting in the centre like you would with regular paper. This will help maintain straight lines all around and will make for a more attractive final product!

-When taping the gift wrap, it is best not to have one long strip of tape across the book as this may cause damage when removing later on! Instead, use smaller pieces of tape to make a crisscross pattern – that way your wrap will be much more secure and you won’t need to worry about any damage occurring.

-For a very fancy, gift wrapping look, you can use fabric as the paper for your book wrap! If you don’t have any on hand just head to the nearest hobby store and pick up some scrapbooking supplies – they always carry them in their shops!

When using fabric make sure that there is enough excess so that you can fold the fabric over to the back and then cut a straight edge. Fold this over again, with the edges matching up in what would be considered “half” of your book – place it along one side of your book.

Tissue Paper

With a little bit of tissue paper and some tape, you can go beyond just gift wrapping the book into protecting your book from the damage that general storage wrapping causes. No one wants to receive a scuffed book! Just make sure to wrap it in the order we’ve said: place the book at the edge of one layer, roll up tightly (but not too tight!), then cover with another piece for extra protection before taping edges on either side

You can wrap books even more artistically by customising the wrapping paper and adding your own creative touches. For instance, you could cover it in newspaper with some colourful bows or use text to create roses for decoration on the front of the package.

With these simple tips, you’ll have the perfect wrapped book in no time. All that’s left now is to pop a nice gift tag on the package so they know who it is from! Be careful, though. You’ll find yourself doing the gift wrapping for everyone you know!

For an even better effect, add tissue paper or pretty ribbon so that when someone opens up their present they’ll feel like opening a special package from Santa!

Let’s just hope they like what’s inside!


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