how to gift wrap…

Gifting wrapping seems like a difficult task at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to wrap a gift in just minutes. Make sure your gift is wrapped well and let these instructions guide the way!

Five easy steps to wrapping gifts properly:

1) Pick up your gift and look it over for anything that might poke or scratch someone in the eye. Be careful not to get anything sticky on clothing or furniture.

2) Remove any plastic wrapping from the outside of the box before opening. The ink from the plastic can ruin a present if left on long enough.

3) Open the wrapping paper. If you have tissue paper, open the box underneath it and set it aside for later. Tissue paper is often used to protect delicate objects.

4) Remove the wrapping from the gift and remove any tags or strings that may be attached to the gift itself.

5) All that’s left to do is tape your gift closed again and wrap it in some pretty tissue paper. Now that your gift is wrapped, it’s ready for the recipient!

Gift wrapping can often be overlooked, but it’s important to make sure your present looks as pretty as possible! It doesn’t have to take long at all to wrap gifts, but if you spend too much time making sure your present is perfect, you’ll have forgotten the most important part: the recipient. Take some time to wrap a gift and remember that it’s about the person who will receive your gift.

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  1. I love old-fashioned ribbon, a self-adhesive or narrow clear tape. When in doubt, cut a desired length and wrap it around once or twice counter-clockwise and then three times clockwise. Wrap the ends over one another at the end of the package and tie them tautly to form a bow (or knot) then secure with more tape if necessary. You can also use fabric to create a bow if you like (although this will vary based on your skill level).
    Use wrapping paper that looks nice or personalizes the present you’re giving as well as plenty of tape without making it look restrictive and heavy by using too much glue/tissue paper etc…

  2. -Start with a large rectangular sheet of wrapping paper.
    -Fold in half vertically and place on a flat surface to form this configuration: _(A) | A {B)_| B}
    (Where both segments are opposite each other). If there is trouble keeping it folded together at the center point (point A), you can use some scotch tape to hold it down temporarily while constructing your wrap. After folding, you’ll notice that one side has been previously cut off. Don’t worry about how this looks because we’ll be trimming this later on anyways!

  3. There are two ways to wrap a present. One way is called the “box method” and involves taping to make it look like the present is coming out of a box. Another way is called the “smiley face” because it involves folding an article of clothing or wrapping paper in half, then crumpling on one side and sticking the pointy ends together with tape so there’s this happy expression-like thing left over.
    Both methods are pretty straightforward though, so pick whatever works best for you!

  4. Here are the most basic ways to wrap a gift.
    1. Take your wrapping paper and fold it in half. Put your gift in the middle of it, tuck the loose end down with a few pieces of scotch tape to hold it in place, and then keep wrapping one side around until you’re done.
    2. Place your gift before you and put an inside rectangle on each end so that when you wrap around them they’ll meet up with each other on top of the present (or where ever else if you don’t want them to touch). Fold this over, flipping off ones side so you get a small triangle that hangs off the edge which will serve as flap for when we fold over all

  5. If you are using the traditional pizza-slice-shaped/rectangular boxes to wrap your gifts, the best way is to use one long piece of paper like a strip that can wrap around the whole package. That way it will look as if all four pieces of paper were wrapped separately but taped together on top. You may want to have two or three pencils ready for measuring lengths and widths if the wrapping paper doesn’t come in convenient sizes. It’ll probably be easiest if you start off with a straight line on the backside (or side sometimes) of your box about how far down you want to go, then just try and keep it generally straight and don’t worry about trying too hard for sharp angles or cuts

  6. There are plenty of ways to wrap a gift, it all depends on what you want to present.
    Traditional wrapping paper is the most generic option – as in you can get it at any store and for any occasion. It’s simple, elegant, and cheap. But if want something more unique or hand-crafted then there are some creative options out there.
    For instance, if you just wrapped your Christmas presents with red shiny paper and don’t feel like tearing them open soon after unwrapping them again in two weeks time then waiting until they have all been opened before wrapping them up again might be a good idea, but either way I would recommend using brown craft paper instead of white!